THRENODY, for the victims of Fukushima, Carl Stone

Pièce composée par Carl Stone au cours de sa résidence artistique au GRM (sept 2012) en hommage aux victimes de la catastrophe de Fukushima.
© 2012 Carl Stone/Electro-Acoustic Music (ASCAP)

This piece was created by Carl Stone at INA/GRM during an artist residency, sept 2012.
American composer born in 1953. Based in California and Japan, Carl Stone is composing electro-acoustic music since the 70s.

Just finished six days of work at the studios of the GRM in Paris, composing a new piece for the project « Et pendant ce temps là, à FUKUSHIMA … » (« Meanwhile, in Fukushima… »), directed by Dominique Balaÿ. My piece uses sounds recorded in the area around where the nuclear catastrophe is ongoing in Japan, as well as many sounds I recorded at anti-nuclear demonstrations in Tokyo. Still searching for a title. Many thanks to Dominique, to all the fine people at GRM, and all my friends in Paris for making this a wonderful stay for me!
Carl Stone, FaceBook· 9 septembre

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