Who am I ?

Born in 1968, France, currently live in Nîmes, France and work for the internet industry.
Teach a class at the University in Nîmes. Designer/creator of webSYNradio. Member of editorial committee of Droit de Cités. Contributor to various literary and artistic magazines. Several published books and collections.

In 2009, upon invitation from the review Droit de Cités, launch the project webSYNradio. WebSYNradio brings together novel propositions from artists or intellectuals that are for the most part well-established on the international scene.
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Dominique Balaÿ

A window on Fukushima 7/17

A public radio broadcast airing simultaneously in Maison Laurentine (France) / Fukushima University (Japan) brought…

7 ans ago

Initial playlist for ABC/Soundproof (Australian radio network)

Initial playlist and presentation for ABC/Soundproof. Many thanks to Julie Shapiro and Miyuki Jokiranta for this…

9 ans ago

THROWING A LIFELINE : Frédéric Mathevet, interviewing Dominique Balaÿ

L'Autre Musique Magazine COMMITMENT, RESISTANCE, SOCIAL BENEFIT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dominique Balaÿ tells us how and why…

10 ans ago

A window on Fukushima, 311/2013

A public radio broadcasting Maison Laurentine (France) and Fukushima Kitchen Garden (Japan) hosted and curated…

11 ans ago


Thanks to all who contributed to the project in a way or another : Koji…

11 ans ago


You can hear a podcast with an interview (in french) describing the project on France…

12 ans ago