A window on Fukushima 7/17

A public radio broadcast
airing simultaneously in Maison Laurentine (France) / Fukushima University (Japan)
brought to you by Dominique Balaÿ and Koji Nagahata
July 29th
-> 10:00 to 17:00 (local time in France)
-> 18:00 to 21:00 (local time in Japan),

With the support of the faculty of administration and social sciences, Fukushima University

Since 2011, Koji Nagahata has engaged in documentary work to chronicle the upheavals, resulting from Fukushima’s nuclear catastrophe, in the city where he lives and works.
After a similar first edition (also organized by La Maison Laurentine and the University of social sciences of Fukushima, march 2013), the mission of this current project is to correlate the significant archives composed by Koji Nagahata with the contributions of the project “Meanwhile, in Fukushima” which brings together more than 60 original pieces.
This simultaneous & public radio broadcast aims to give a meaning to the reality of both works. Each brings their unique qualities through their particular approaches, with the reinforced desire of opening the (sonic) windows in order to further encourage exchange and dialogue.
We are not giving up… the disaster is still going on…

Playing, a selection of the audio recordings of Koji Nagahata with the project’s contributors.

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  • C'était une surprise trouver le travail de M. Nagahata. J'ai envoyé beaucoup de courriels depuis 2015 sans une réponse. Je suis content qu'il vive toujours avec tant de radiations dans sa ville.

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