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« Fukushima is known worldwide by its stigma. But we do not lose hope of finding Fukushima. Even the fear of not being able to return to our hometowns, we would think about the future of this place for it to stay connected with the rest of the world and also in the hope to continue living in this place.“
The collective Fukushima!
Michiro Endo, Otomo Yoshihide, Ryoichi Wago (May 2011)

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Dominique Balaÿ

A window on Fukushima 7/17

A public radio broadcast airing simultaneously in Maison Laurentine (France) / Fukushima University (Japan) brought…

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Initial playlist for ABC/Soundproof (Australian radio network)

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THROWING A LIFELINE : Frédéric Mathevet, interviewing Dominique Balaÿ

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A window on Fukushima, 311/2013

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Thanks to all who contributed to the project in a way or another : Koji…

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Project Partners

Several events to mediate the project. France Musique The artists will have the opportunity to…

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