Project Partners

Several events to mediate the project.
France Musique
The artists will have the opportunity to broadcast their creation on France Musique (French national public radio, part of Radio France group) in a program (Electromania) devoted to electronic and electro acoustic music.
A public concert sponsored by France Musique and INA GRM will be organized in fall 2012 as well.
GRM (Groupe de recherches musicales) is a center for music research in the field of sound and electroacoustic music. Pierre Schaeffer created the GRM in 1958. Since 1975, the GRM is integrated with the INA (French national audio visual institute).
The creative space APO-33 will also host the project as a residence + performance.
APO-33 is an art, technology and research laboratory working in the fields of free software, collaborative practices, micromedia, environmental and urban mutations.
Droit de Cités & webSYNradio
The editorial content of the project is already supported by the journal Droit de Cités, which will follow the various developments.
As an online review whose interest focuses on current intellectual, artistic and political issues, constructively and through discussion, Droit de Cités brings together actors from these various domains. Each publication proposes a thematic report that brings to light and develops the most pressing intellectual concerns of the moment. It also provides gateways to online independent workshops and forums for artists from all disciplines.
WebSYNradio is a workshop for the review Droit de Cités and a radio program hosted by Dominique Balaÿ whose broadcast is streamed 24/7.

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