Call for sounds donation : how to participate ?

Everyone can participate.The sounds can be of any type: recordings of street sounds, conference, internet, radio or television audio streaming, readings, lectures, nature sounds, music, composition, improvisation, etc. They will of course be related to Fukushima, in a way or another.
Each contributor will accompany his contribution with few words to present the context and nature of the sounds he chose to donate to this library « open sounds » project. Contributors will be listed with their names and bio if they wish. Those interested can send me their files to this adress :
For big files, you could use the service of online software WeTransfer:, or any other e-mail service.
All sounds formats are welcome with a preference for uncompressed formats (WAV, AIFF).
No duration limit.
A website is set up to collect the chronicle of this project, and the sounds of the library « Open Sound » is available and usable by all (under a Creative Commons Licence) here  :

For all participants in the project, you can also reuse the sounds collected by Koji Nagahata (University of Fukushima, project partner) and ready for download (in. Wav and. Mp3):

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