Project Summary

“Meanwhile, in Fukushima …” is a sound collaborative project led in Fukushima.
With the support and partnership of INA GRM (French national institute of audio visual – Research Music Group) and France Musique (French national public music radio), the journal Droits de Cité, creative radio webSYNradio, Radio Campus Bruxelles, Radio Sonic (festival City Sonic, Bruxelles) and multimedia laboratory APO33.
* *
Shortly after the disaster of Fukushima Daishi, a Japanese artist group has gathered around the figure of Otomo Yoshihide. A project is born early, Fukushima Project!, a call for creation that has led to a festival, located in Fukushima, and a series of events around the world (London, New York, Bangkok, Seoul, Singapore , Paris …). I was honored to work in conjunction with Otomo Yoshihide and John Zorn’s to one of these events at The Stone, New York. On August 15, 2011, WebSYNradio, Internet radio that I created and manage, has broadcast live from The Stone bringing a tray of world-renowned musicians.
Following this festival, webSYNradio wished to remain available to the project Fukushima! and continue to « act » with a new project for 2012: « Meanwhile, in Fukushima … »
The principle of this new project is simple: traveling to Fukushima with a lightweight material, to record the sounds of « normal » life in Fukushima and meet people involved in the various initiatives undertaken by the collective Fukushima!.
In parallel to my own recordings, a call for contribution is launched with the aim of collecting sounds of Fukushima and build an “Fukushima open sounds” library.
With the sounds collected and organized in this « open sounds » library, an invitation will be launched at several artists from various nationalities to confront this matter and this issue, and attempt, through works created, to throw a lifeline between there and here.
A selection of their creation will be broadcasted over France Musique radio during a special program. And various events will be organized in France, including live concert, conference …
This sound collaborative project is a way for me to stay true to the singular direction indicated by Otomo Yosihide, Michiro Endo and Ryoichi Wago in their manifesto.
« We need the music, poetry and art that could show us a perspective as possible and a way we approach reality.  »
Manifesto Collective Fukushima !

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