Electronic Frequencies (wo 20 aug 2014 23:00)

Meanwhile, in Fukushima: a collaborative sound project and an « open sounds library ».

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« Meanwhile, in Fukushima » is a collaborative sound project and an « open sounds library ». Central focus is the Fukushima nuclear disaster from 2011 and its after effects up till today. A huge collective of artists from around the globe have participated (a.o. Otomo Yoshihide), and the project continues welcoming any artist interested in this topical subject. More info about the open call can be found here:



This Electronic Frequencies presents 2 electronic compositions by 2 artists both inspired by Fukushima and it’s recent history.

1. Christine Webster (FR/DE)
Fukushima Days  (25’09)

Fukushima Days is a work in progress that began in the week after the Fukushima Daichi disaster. A first audio version participated in Sweden Horlusfestival 2012 and a film version with graphic artist Kantoh participated in Horlusfestival 2013.
Chrisitine Webster moved to Paris in the 70s, and is a composer of electroacoustic and experimental music. She also works as a sound designer for animated film and television programs.

2. Eric Cordier (FR)
L’ Atome (34’50)

Back in early 2012 Eric Cordier spent several weeks in the region of Fukushima collecting field recordings and interviews for the creation of « L’Atome ». L’Atome » is part of the large scale composition and multi media installation « C’était un si beau jour, si calme ».
 Eric Cordier is a French composer with esthetics closely related to Musique Concrète. His compositions and sound art pieces have been presented internationally in a large number of festivals.

Special thanks to Dominique Balaÿ (FR) from « Meanwhile, in Fukushima » and  webSYNradio. Dominique Balaÿ is active in leading different projects (editorials, audio, web) that set the basis of a collective exploration of the perceived world right at its tipping point.

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Dominique Balaÿ

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